TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Collage

The requiem for Francesca woodman

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Collage
  • Photographer

My initial addiction to Surreal photography eventually led me to know photographer Francesca woodman right after Ralph gibson At the first moment when I saw her surreal pictures featuring either herself naked or blurred . I was shocked by her talented insight and instinct for surrealism. Unfortunately however , her whole self portrait works seemed to suggest her death In 1981 at her age of 22 , Woodman died by fatal suicide, jumping out of a loft window of a building What drove her make a drastic choice , suicide ? That is the very fact that Only God and she knew ............................................. My project the requiem is hommage to her own works and pray for her soul as well. Based upon 10 selections of her works , the scenario was embodied with profound psychological study and virtualization of her surreal world and misfortune `story “Being posessed into her surreal images” is the key word to depict my project by way of reconstruction virtual space with wooden doll equivalent simulacre to her and by way of reinterpretation from myself being possessed into her as well Behind story) Her name “Woodman” suprisingly asssociated me with “Man made of wood “ led me to choose wooden doll as her simulacre.