TOKYO-2017 Architecture / Bridges

The Harp Strings

  • Prize
    Bronze in Architecture/Bridges
  • Photographer
    Noel Baldewijns

The bridges designed by Santiago Calatrava are always a big inspiration for me. His designes are always very artistique almost always formes organiques et zoomorphes. His designes are mostly based on Sportsmen, music instruments and so on. Especially the bridges are attractive to me and brings me to the classical mystique instrument, The harp.

Noel pursued a formal education at the academy of fine arts in Heusden Belgium, and individual master classes taught by different fine art photographers to further enhance his skills. Noel gets inspired by an ability to create an image of a building that creates a mystery and mood surrounding that building. He uses his imagination and state of mind that day to create the image, and enhance it. His favourite architects are Santiago Calatrava, Frank Gehry and Norman Foster and he travels all over Europe to be able to photograph their designs