TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Nudes

THREE ART... The art of love

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Nudes
  • Photographer
    Margarita Morquillas

"Three Art" is where the beauty of dance, the sensuality of the skin, and soul become art through these photographs that are pure love. The art of Love is to melt two hearts in one heartbeat, it is the warm air of a shared sigh, fanning the fire that is on. The art of Love is to close your eyes and see your gaze. To feel how your pupils light up in mine, is to know that you observe me as calm water. To love is to feel by my side even if you're gone. Is to extend my hand and caress you asleep. Lie on your chest and dream of me. But especially to love, is to have you. It is to hear in your footsteps the lost hugs and it is to forgive in silence and to look for your coat, it is a simple smile with great affection; But it is also the caress of a friend is the just word that gives it meaning; Or just the silence that hears you without judgments waiting for the embrace that gives peace and reprieve.

My name is Margarita Morquillas and I am a vocational photographer placed in Madrid. I have always felt photography with great passion and as if it were a dream, it allows me to transmit many sensations, emotions and feelings, to dream images and to be able to create them, it fills me completely. I´m passionate about artistic nude photographs, especially everything related to classical dance. Where beauty, dance and photography become art. They are photographs in which I express myself and where I think all my sensitivity comes from.