TOKYO-2017 Science / Other_SC

Places you will never go...

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Abstract, Silver in Science/Other
  • Photographer
    Nick Prince

Places you will never go….   This series of geologic formations is part of my ongoing “places you will never go….” series exploring the connectedness of our universe. Visually, emotionally, and physically the largest and smallest structures of the cosmos are connected and we lie somewhere in-between with the privilege to observe it. The terrain is almost familiar and colors almost right for “that place” we have seen or visited, however, no human will ever go to these places except through the spirit or heart.   Perfect examples of crystals like diamonds, rubies, and quartz represent a miraculous escape after spending millions of years in a constantly churning earth. They are beautiful and generally extremely rare. The vast majority are not so lucky as they document the violent history of their existence quite visibility through cracks, fissures, and impurities. Generally these are tossed aside and given little note or attention. However, like people, when viewed literally and figuratively from different perspectives, these “flaws” often epitomize beauty and confirm our connection to the universe. These imperfections are the subjects of my most of my work.

Nick Prince is based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an artist producing works in stained glass, silver, and photography. His photographic journey was born of the natural world, photographing landscapes with 35mm film. Today, he shoots digital and expresses his passion and ideas through abstract works created from light and materials found inside geological phenomena. His work and imagination has been internationally recognized for projects and individual works, as well as contributions to books and publications.