TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / -

I am a dreamer

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Portrait, 1st Place winner in Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Carmelita Iezzi

"I am a Dreamer" is a project inspired by a metaphor of life, a metaphor of growth, watching the world with the eyes of a kids contemplating the nature and contemplating the future. The desire of play whit dreams . The kids contemplate the world with the eyes of fantasy imagining characters and identifying in them as they do with life, so a balloon turns into a person and is ready to fly, as society impose to grow with the brain in box, or forces us to wear masks, express fears and dreams of growing and discovering the world through personal and creative experience with sense of humor and playful, yet surreal.

Carmelita Iezzi is a freelance photographer and professional graphic designer based in Italy. After graduating in Art School,  Carmelita got her BA in Graphic Design and Fine Art Photography at the Design Academy of Ancona, Italy. She has gained experience in commercial and post-production in photography, graphic, web design. She has achieved international recognitions, among the most important in 2018 Carmelita was honored with theSony World Photography Award with a work for the project "I am a dreamer", First Place and Gold in the Fine Art Category at the Tokyo Foto Award 2017