TOKYO-2017 People / Life Style

Havana beyond ordinary

  • Prize
    Silver in People/Life Style
  • Photographer
    Yancho Sabev

In Cuba you could find lots of fotogenic places. Colors are often strong, patterns will blow your mind. Besides that I was fascinated by the people and their lifestyle probably because my main interest is exploring lives and worlds that are different from mine.

Yancho Sabev is a multiple award-winning photographer, visual opportunist, adventurer and philosopher based in Leuven, Belgium. Primarily Yancho focuses his photography on street, adventure, landscapes, lifestyle and fine art. His inspiration is fueled by discovering new places and immersing himself in unfamiliar cultures. Traveling has become a huge part of Yancho’s life and by capturing his adventures he hopes to inspire others to get outside "the comfort zone" and create their own adventures and amazing memories.