TOKYO-2017 Events / Sport


  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay, Gold in Editorial/sports, Silver in People/Life Style, Silver in Events/Sport
  • Photographer
    Simone Francescangeli

In Cuba, the struggle between roosters is a great social event, like boxing. A few years ago the fights are back to being legal by popular acclaim, and under strict rules. The relationship between men and roosters is incredible. Before the match seems something like fraternal... even up during the armor of their legs... then... the clans, the families, the social classes are faced. The pets are transformed. The eyes changed... The tension raise up.

My name is Simone Francescangeli, I'm a self-made visual story teller. I like to relate stories about the human being and his capacities and social implications of his interventions in this world. Until now I brought my camera around in Italy, in Europe, South America and Africa.