TOKYO-2016 Portfolio / Fine Art_PO

We are one. We are two.

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Lucía Peluffo

"Loneliness is sometimes something that we choose. That journey to tranquility. An abstraction/separation from reality, with no influences.. Like that, one can choose the "what" and the "how", Related to his seeing, being, doing, loving, feeling, and choosing. What happens when we choose a two people loneliness? Two that are one, and that leave together, And that one is alone. But they are two Two that make something new out of the other that is no longer one, That stopped being one the day they found two." by Lucía Peluffo --- These images are part of a bigger series called “We are one. We are two”. It explores the relationship between two people. One of them the author. She tries to show different aspects that appear within a “love story”. How the way we perceive things does not always reflect the truth. How we do not always know were we are standing exactly, so we need to explore. The author left Argentina to leave in France for one year, with her boyfriend. It was the first time they where living together. When they got to Paris they barely spoke the language, had no friends, no jobs, and they were living in 15m2… Images feature their intimacy, but the spectator is invited to find himself reflected in this story.