TOKYO-2016 Book / Fine Art


  • Prize
    Silver in Book (Series Only)/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Deb Morris

Rather than just capturing frozen moments from this beautiful landscape, I have found a whole new hidden world to investigate, that of the micro or mini wave. I endeavour to capture those moments the naked eye misses. Each wave showcasing its own unique personality . I refrain from using waterhousing, this assist me in achieving a result that differs from todays empty wave images. Admittedly it puts my gear at risk way however I heavily rely on my reflexes to get me out of harms way. and to date have been successful. I travel the East Coastline of Australia in pursuit of the perfect miniwave, weather conditions, swell, tides and winds play a large part in the location I select. I submerge myself in 3 or so foot of water in anticipation of capturing my next miniwave. Capturing moments missed by the naked eye is part of my motivation, there is such beauty entangled in the motion of a wave, with no wave ever being the same.