TOKYO-2016 Portfolio / Food

U Conzu

  • Prize
    Gold in Portfolio/Food
  • Photographer
    Riccardo Colelli

"U Conzu" tells the traditional harvest on the Etna foot (Italy, Sicily), away from the industrial processing, now considered outlawed by European taxes, but which guaranteed the wine to Italian families for centuries. It 'a development personal photo, where silence, fatigue, sweat and violence reign supreme. Violent as the work of man on the grape must, and after various processes is collected, cut with a hatchet and pressed up to bring out the nectar like blood. The blood of the earth U Conzu ispart of a project that aims to tell farming traditions of Sicily, preserved only by the elderly. Wine, olive oil and herding. harvest of grapes, for these realities is a true social rite .The title is in Sicilian dialect, indicate the grape must collected in a cylindrical shape.