TOKYO-2016 Fine Art / Other

The last supper

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Other
  • Photographer
    Sazeli Jalal

In the midst of becoming vegetarian, i gave my last respect to my last supper. For every meal we consume, our diets usually include protein and fibre from the meats, fruits and vegetables. In my personal journey of becoming a "part-time" vegetarian, I can’t help but to pay a little more attention to the choices I make on my everyday diet. I started to feel a sense of emotional attachment towards the (once) living creatures that we would normally ignore. Being dressed in full flavoured gravy and accompanied with well seasoned vegetables on the side, served on a nice decorated china, who would ever think about death when one is hungry. In my series “the last supper”, I have decided to pay my last respect for these living creatures that could be served on anyone's plate. Like any proper burial, the deceased is laid on a customised coffin accompanied with funeral bouquets that are a mix of vegetables and flowers.