TOKYO-2016 Fine Art / Special Effects

The Pearls around us

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    Patrizia Burra

The photographs was taken in my studio. After this I processed the images in photoshop , working on the colors and adding several levels of adjustment. I created and animated the balls in C4D, so I exported the best frame to add into the image. The concept of the images,where the pearls are symbolics tears, inspects the two point of view of the life: the happiness and the melancholy. Camera setting: Phase One p40+ Lens: Schneider LS 110 mm 1/250 sec f/16 Iso 100

I'M MQEP MASTER QUALIFIED EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHER. FEP BOARD MEMBER AND JUDGE- FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHERS AFFILIATE ARTIST OF CIRCLE OF THE ART FOUNDATION I am a painter and photographer. Painting gives a lot of energy, but it doesn't allows you to catch the moment. This is one of the main factor that lead me to the conclusion that I could not be a painter only. My goal, as photographer, is to translate my more wild, passionate and restless vision into an image. "With photography we try to reproduce the world. But the world is much more interesting when it becomes a work of art".