TOKYO-2016 People / Culture

Newroz and the Kurdish peace

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Political, Silver in People/Culture
  • Photographer
    Simone Tramonte

On the first day of Spring, Kurds celebrate the Newroz, their New Year’s day. The festival is very important for Kurdish identity, still neglected by many countries among which Kurdistan has historically been divided. Newroz means both “new day” and “son of the sun”, and its celebration dates back to 21st March 612 B.C, when Kawa, along with people’s solidarity defeated the Assyrian tyrant Dehak, setting the Kurds free from the oppression and proclaiming freedom throughout the land. From then on, this fire is lit every 21st of March, also in Testaccio, the very heart of Rome, at the Ararat centre. This year, the Newroz fire burn brighter than ever, as it comes after the historic victory of Kobane, set free by the courageous men and women that fought for freedom. As in the ancient time of Kawa, Newroz represents light over darkness, freedom over oppression, peace over war. It is a festival of all the Kurdish population and their legitimate aspirations for freedom.