TOKYO-2016 Nature / Panoramic


  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Panoramic
  • Photographer
    vito finocchiaro

MARAS’ SALT Sacred Valley, Peru, about 50 kilometres far from Cusco, 3300 meters above the sea level. Maras’ salt mines are a complex salt extraction system dating back to the Inca Empire, around since 200 AD. The most fascinating feature of this place is the fact that, despite its high altitude, it produces sea salt. About 3.000 plots, each of which is 4m2 large and 30cm deep. The salt water, which rises in a basin under the village, is diverted away to the other ponds by an elaborate system of weirs that proves Inca’s technological knowledge

Vito Finocchiaro, Sicilian class 1965. A complete artist. In him all the virtues of a personality that has a gift, a passion. "I always thought of photography as an artistic expression. For me art means research, style of the author, technique, conceptuality, use of the medium ". From his words emerges his way of living art and his being an artist, worker and creator. He learned the secrets of photography from his father and the passion for this expressive form has always been a constant in his life. Light, vision and perception the companions of his professional journey.