TOKYO-2016 Science / -


  • Prize
    Gold in Science/Other, 1st Place winner in Science
  • Photographer
    Gianluca Micheletti

My project consists of inserting some primates - they share with humans up to almost 99% of the DNA-in safety capsules that will regenerate a form of primordial life, a future day, after the extinction of the breed human. The crazy man's evolutionary race is also manifested in the form of possession and dominion over the world, and alteration that man can give to the planet is out of control: more man evolves more moves away from the primitive instincts, creating more and more artificial habitats. It seems a process that leads to an inexorable catastrophe wrought by human hand. What to do then? So takes shape this my imagination project for the teraphy of existence Also inspired the Svalbard Global Seed Vault - the global repository of seeds of Svalbard (Norway), which has the function of preserving the genetic heritage of seed - I photographed these monkeys in some zoos in Europe, man-made places for your own enjoyment but also for the study and preservation of these animals, and I inserted into pharmaceutical capsules (that best represent the care). A collection of primates that will bring life back to the origins, restarting the process of evolution without the homo sapiens. An Ark of Noah without Noah.