TOKYO-2016 Editorial / Photo Essay


  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial/Photo Essay
  • Photographer
    Hugo Bes

Over the last few months I regularly have visited the refugee center in Dunkirk (France). When I was in the center, I noticed that the mobile phone is the most important item to bring for refugees when they go on their journey. I asked the residents to share memories and positive feelings with me from their homeland, family and their previous life. By showing me a photo on their mobile phone. With this series of photographs I want to show that the residents I have met in the center are just like you and me. They have hopes and dreams. They want to live a normal, quiet life. And they certainly do not want to be in the situation they are in right now.

Hugo Bes(1971) is a Dutch reportage photographer based in Amsterdam. He decided to become a photographer during a 4 months journey in south east Asia (2000) which was the catalyst that sparked his passion for photography. Back in the Netherlands he graduated at the Fotovakschool specializing in reportage and portrait photography. In his photography Hugo is focusing on contemporary issues with people as main topic.