TOKYO-2016 Book / Fine Art

Disposable Life

  • Prize
    Silver in Book (Series Only)/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Stanislav Sitnikov

Daily occurrence, life of people in the big city. Every day is thrown out as disposable plastic. Days disappear in emptiness as city garbage in containers. We seldom watch on what it is attentive, seldom we stop a look or thoughts on what that, including ourselves, we hurry, we are busy. Bystry life creates every day, changes and destroys various objects, sculptures, installations, urbanistic still lifes on city streets. City "garbage" as art objects. The daily occurrence stopped and which has stiffened in packings for fast food and plastic glasses. Photo sculptures, portraits of life of daily consumption, life bystry, disposable, almost senseless... The black background is a part of the general concept, the objects taken from a context of city streets and placed in empty black space get other esthetics, meanings, new art filling. The presented photos are a part of a series - the project. Now work on the project is continued.