TOKYO-2016 Architecture / Cityscapes

Corridors of Diversity

  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture/Buildings, Silver in Architecture/Cityscapes
  • Photographer
    Siyuan Ma

“Corridors” is my multi-layered study of the diverse and intricate urban environment that characterises Singapore. On a macro scale, the project highlights the synergistic mix of urban planning and architectural elements which reflects the planning dynamics of the city-state, as well as its multicultural and multiethnic background. This is done through showcasing the heterogeneity of various urban features that constitute the built environment: from the diverging mix of different land uses, building density, transport modes, to the coexistence of modernity and heritage, green and concrete spaces. On a personal scale, the project explores the close-knitted relationship and harmonious contrast between individuals and the society in various aspects of life. Taking place in various public housing developments (locally known as HDB flats) where majority of the population call home, the project offers a cross-section documentation of mundane, personal details along the communal corridors against the backdrop of the broader urban landscape. These intimate glimpses into everyday life offers nuanced narratives of individual presence that contributes to the sense of place of the surrounding environment. “Corridors” celebrates the diverse and colourful images of Singapore that altogether shape its collective identity.