TOKYO-2016 Architecture / Buildings

Art of the Airport Tower

  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture/Buildings
  • Photographer
    Carolyn Russo

Art of the Airport Tower is a collection of original photographs that explores the varied forms and functions of air traffic control towers throughout aviation history and interprets them as monumental abstractions, symbols of cultural expression, and testimonies of technological change. Carolyn Russo uses more than100 fine art photographs to depict the contemporary and historical towers in 23 countries as both essential aviation artifacts and vessels with a powerful presence. Accompanying the 85 towers are extended captions that take a look at the architectural design elements, historical background of the airports, and uses of each structure. These powerful images bring a heightened awareness to the simple beauty of the airport tower and a call for their preservation. Russo is a recent winner of the 9th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers in architecture series.