TOKYO-2016 Moving images / -

A world within the world

  • Prize
    Gold in Moving images/Collage, Silver in Moving images/Other, 1st Place winner in Moving images
  • Photographer
    RoHsuan Chen
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Words/ Cinematography by RoHsuan Chen Editing/ Post production by RoPu Chen Music by Cedric Fangeat Paintings by Wang Ren Jye Produced by Naif Creative Co. Ltd. Most Chinese characters are consisted of different Chinese characters. For example, the character “影” means SHADOW, it is combined by the character 景,means SCENERY, and the right part - three strokes, means HAIR in ancient Chinese. It is as if a poem exists somewhere behind the construction of one single character. You can look at the character as it is, you can also look deeper and seeing the imagery this character holds. This short film is about deconstructing characters then form a poem to describe usual and mundane life experiences - making coffee and tea. This short film was originally created as an opening short film for 2016 catwalk by Naif Creative Co.

RoHsuan Chen // Photographer The more life answered, the more questions heaved and tossed. Most of my works are about collecting and documenting fragments through a foreign eye, consciously selecting the anomalies from the routine and framing those instants into a personal fiction and yet a public true story. When moments are made monumental, subjects as well as viewers see the flickering verses echoing in their personal fictions.