Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Nudes

Insomnia 'Accompany'

  • Photographer
    Shingyu Kang
  • Agency / Studio
    Hidden Kids Studio
  • Photo Date

There are moments when the night comes when everyone can't sleep. For some, it's the pain of their first love, for some it's parting with their family, and for others it's the absence of a dream. Each of us encounters insomnia for a variety of reasons, both minor and major, but when we put these reasons together, there are abstractions that are universally tied together. Confusion, hurt, pain, longing, loneliness, emptiness,etc. I try to image these abstract emotions.

Shingyu Kang(Born 12, 12, 1991) is a photographer and film director in South Korea. After majoring in film directing at Seoul Institute of the Arts, He has won awards or competed at several international and South Korea national film festivals, and has exhibited photography in various venues. He has been working with photography for a long time, believing he can create powerful messages in images by combining nature, humans, and the placement of objects.