Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Portfolio / Personal

322 Sqft

  • Photographer
    Lisha Sheng
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322 sqft is the size of the flat I rented and lived in the centre of Hong Kong since 2018. Although work and life are both intense in this big metropolis, I managed to find some inner peace in my little flat. Over the last couple of years, I began shooting with 120 film and found it an accurate media to capture all my speakable and unspeakable sentiments as a young lady living by herself, in a little box at the heart of a cosmopolitan city. There is too much to say, and I hided them all in this portfolio.

Lisha (Lisa) is an amateur photographer based in Hong Kong. Ever since a young age, she had always been curious about photography; at age of 18, she received a point-and-shoot camera as a graduation gift. Since then, she started fostering her interest in photography which over time has transformed into a passionate hobby. As she continued to develop her skills and interests, she invested in a Mamiya medium format model, shooting with 120 films. This opened up new horizons in the mindset that she brings to her photographs and enabled her to start thinking and shooting with an artist mindset.