Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Nature / Aerial

Flood Plain Purity

  • Photographer
    Graham Earnshaw
  • Photo Date

This series of images was taken during my recent trip to the northwest region of Australia, known as “The Kimberley”. It’s coastlines is famous for some of the largest tidal flows in the world, as well as, large river systems which during the wet season, flow out to sea at astronomical rates. So during the dry season, when the tides are peaking, the normally very dry flood plains refill along the etches left by the rivers. When viewed from above, the patterns caused by this tidal flow are absolutely mesmerising and stunningly beautiful. Mother Nature is the purest artist.

I am a photographer living in beautiful Perth, Western Australia.My personal favourite style of photography is landscape and travel (combining two loves is a real bonus). But more recently I am enjoying pushing the boundaries between photography and art, with a particular emphasis on movement in imagery and especially that of the ocean, of which we are so blessed with here in Australia. And my other newfound love is aerial photography. This aerial vantage point for photography opens up a whole new way of capturing at the extraordinary beauty of Mother Earth.