Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 People / Culture

Carry Spring Home

  • Photographer
    Alex Cao
  • Photo Date

Come December in the Lunar Calendar and you will find flowers literally everywhere in Vietnam. From gardens to doorsteps and inside homes, offices and shops, there will be beautiful yellow and orange blooms. Flowers play a huge role during Tet, which is the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.You will get to watch farmers tend to these flowers with love and care, hoping that whoever buys them will have a wonderful year ahead. You will see people carrying these potted trees on their motorbikes, on their boats in water area.

I have officially come to photography for 2 years now, can I come to photography by fate or debt, I still don't know. But never mind, Fate or Debt is also involved in it. At first, it was just to satisfy my feelings of wanting to record beautiful moments or places I visited. .There are 2 wishes that I always want to achieve:One is to gather all the beautiful images of my hometown, Quang Ngai and promote it to the community not only at home and abroad.The second is to preserve those beauties for the next generation