Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Nature / Trees

The Stary Oak Tree

  • Photographer
    Eric Von Schulthess
  • Technical Info
    Canon Eos R 6, Rf 15 - 35, F 18, Iso 100, 1/60
  • Photo Date

For several 100 years, this Oak tree has lived many sunsets. The uniquness of this tree is, that he has a hole in the trunk, apperently it happend as a lightning strok the tree and cut the trunk in half. 2 x a year, we can take images through this hole during sunset.

«Bring Switzerland into peoples home» I am a nature-loving entrepreneur and creator of fine art (images). With an eye for the special, he skilfully captures the diverse landscapes of Switzerland."Switzerland and its nature have so many beautiful facets - I would like to reflect them in my pictures." The Corona lockdown gave me a new dimension in photography - he began to train intensively in workshops and with photographers. The passionate picture maker rediscovered Switzerland through the lens: "I am always fascinated by what this country has to offer - a huge jewel on our planet."