Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Nudes

It Will Only Get Better

  • Photographer
    Irina Sokolova
  • Technical Info
    Canon Mark5d, 50mm
  • Photo Date

In the series of photographs "It Will Only Get Better", I explore how the image of a person changes if you change one detail from the expected to the non-standard. However, black and white objectively exist as a physical phenomenon, but not as a social one. Those who try to live according to the principle "this is definitely good and this is bad" sooner or later find themselves in the trap of unfulfilled expectations. Why choose one option when you can combine two or more? The best stories happen when you mix everything you have in one composition.

Was born in the Soviet Union, Ekshur, on May 22, 1989, in a family of engineers. Live now: Moscow, Russia/ Viena, Austria Education: Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia by Rodchenko, - 2021; Laboratory CTRL+ART by Anna Radchenko, - 2022; Mentoring by George Mayer (Winner Sony WPA, IPA, Hasselblad); Mentoring by Yulia Artemyeva (Magister IFIAP);