Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Collage

Penumbral Epiphanies

  • Photographer
    Diane Fenster
  • Technical Info
    Diana Toy Camera B&w Portraits Reworked Using Iphone Photos And Adobe Photoshop
  • Photo Date

Penumbral Epiphanies This series stems from an epiphany received while viewing the shadow of an “insignificant weed." through a skylight in our home. As self-isolation lumbers on due to COVID, the objects I see every day and would normally dismiss, now shine through my ordinary perceptions and become extraordinary. The shadows are seen in a new way and are a doorway to an awakening of the senses that widens my world.

I view myself as an alchemist, using alternative process, antique photographic methods, toy camera and digital tools to delve into fundamental human conditions and issues. My work is literary and emotional, full of symbolism and multiple layers of meaning with a style that marries photography with evocative and fragmented imagery. Currently, I am exploring several antiquarian processes including lumen printing and photo-encaustic. My work (exhibited since 1990) first received notice during the era of early experimentations with digital imaging and has appeared in numerous publications.