Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 People / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Riccardo Montanari
  • Agency / Studio
    Light House Studio
  • Technical Info
    Camera: 35mm Canon Ae1-program; Lens: 50mm F1,8; Film: Ilfordfp4
  • Photo Date

These triptychs comes from a project i started a year ago. The project is defined by the presence of the shutter curtain in the frame; by getting the wrong flash-sync on my 35mm camera i have developed this new way of portraits. The subjects appear cut in half, as if they are rising from "nothing", just a black matter. While the other half appears, bright, and full of meaning. This is an ongoing project, where i will capture many portraits with this use of the flash-sync, it is for me a way of narrating mine and subjects's stories.

Riccardo Montanari is an Italian photographer, born and raised in Milan. His work aspires to capture truthfulness in humans and society, in order to evoke the willingness to a honest being and acting in people. He usually adopts the monochromatic language , spoken through the analog medium with a range from the 35mm to the large format.