Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 People / Life Style


  • Photographer
    Nicolino Sapio
  • Agency / Studio
    Nicolino Sapio

Spain, Leon! Guys with a loudspeaker in the street and a desire to start again.

Nicolino Sapio was born in Vasto, Italy in 1971. He started working as a photographer in 2007. Nicolino Sapio has been a freelance professional photographer for over 10 years, working with associations and NGOs. Training and workshops: Master of reportage at the John Kaverdash Academy in Milan. D.O.O.R. Academy divergent Vision Workshops: Massimo Mastrorillo Luca Santese & Arianna Arcara (Cesura) Adam Broomberg Vanessa Winship & George Georgiou Julian Germain