Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 People / Family


  • Photographer
    A.Hassan Keivan
  • Technical Info
    Aperture F/8?iso 100?shutter 1/200?focal Length 24/1?
  • Photo Date

He is digging in a well with light underground

Biography is here www.whoarewefilm.com A Glance at A. Hassan Keivan's films Film, Architecture, Painting, and Photography composes a relatively large part of the artist's productions. During his careers in visual art and architecture he began to study in the film which he loved from the early years. He has made several short films and one feature films and participated in some festivals. One of his short films named J & B was accepted by Short Film Corner in Cannes film festival 2014 and his feature film " WHO ARE WE? " was awarded in many film festivals More info. www.whoarewefilm.com