Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 People / Culture

Boer Gerrit

  • Photographer
    Jeroen Nieuwhuis
  • Technical Info
    Phase One Xf + Credo 50 & Schneider 28-45-55-80mm Optics | Broncolor Siros 800l Flash
  • Photo Date

Boer Gerrit (Farmer Gerrit), 75 years old, is about the last farmer in Usselo, the Netherlands, to do it the old-fashioned way. There used to be 80 around the area, now he is the last one. “The others all want to be big, bigger, crazier.” Not him. He has less than twenty cows with his son Erwin. Seven days a week he starts milking the cows at 6 AM and again around 5 PM in the afternoon.“I am an old-fashioned farmer,” he says. Grow, expand, to 200 cows? Never! The images are a look at the everyday life of Gerrit and his son Erwin.

Jeroen Nieuwhuis is a commercial portrait photographer based in the Netherlands. Shooting professionally since the age of 17 (now 31) he continuously works for clients all across the globe and has worked with some of the largest advertising companies such as Belstaff, Harman Kardon, Heineken, JBL, Johnnie Walker, Shimano, and many more. Top-tier brands in the photography industry such as Broncolor (flash equipment) and Phase One (camera brand) widely promoted his imagery and way of working on their websites and social media. Broncolor even took it a step further and made him an ambassador.