Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 People / Culture

The Ice Men

  • Photographer
    Emiliano Pinnizzotto
  • Agency / Studio

Yangoon fish market ice workers in Myanmar. With great physical effort and risk to their safety, they supply the entire market of the Indispensable Ice for the preservation of fish. It is one of the works with the highest rate of accidents and deaths at work in Burma.

Emiliano Pinnizzotto is a Photoreporter and Visual Journalist, based in Rome, Italy. Born in Rome on 25 June 1983 started to taking pictures since as a child. Through the years began to direct his passion toward photo-reportage especially in social, anthropology, and travel photography. He has a particular focus on the light when he takes photos, always use the natural light present in the place. He exposed his images in several exhibitions, collective and personal in various italian city and abroad like London, Paris, Kyev, Lima, Sintra, Portland.