Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 People / Culture


  • Photographer
    Pietro Di Giambattista
  • Technical Info
    Camera Canon Eos 40d-5d Mark Iii-5d Mark Iv With 10-22 And 24-70 F 2.8
  • Photo Date

This projectis is a part of a work that has been carried out since 1999 to 2019, both in the old camps– where people lived in extreme conditions, with no water and no electricity – and in the new camps– which are legally authorised, and where different ethnic and religious groups cohabit together. We are living in a moment of disconcerting approval of hateful feelings which result in stigmatizations, hostile statements, incitement to discrimination of the other, within a climate whichissadlyfostered by some of the highest institutional offices.Roma and Sinti are privileged victims.