Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 People / Children

The Long Reach

  • Photographer
    Fred W. Gillaspy
  • Agency / Studio
    Pelican Foto
  • Technical Info
    Sony A7ii, 24mm W/fe 24-105mm F4 G Oss, 1/250 At F/5.6, Iso 320
  • Photo Date
    26 Dec 2019

A small child's hand straining and stretching to reach the oft-touched and polished gleaming toes of one of the bronze monument statues at Hoover Dam. So close, yet so far away. Come back in a few years!

Fred W. Gillaspy's work has been exhibited at numerous galleries and winning competitions throughout the USA and most recently, the PX3 2018 Competition, Paris and the Tokyo International Foto Awards. He has captured moments in time on film and digitally in numerous international locales and most recently began publishing books showcasing both his photography and written perspectives. Gillaspy constantly seeks to discover unique stories to tell, with new views, angles, colors and details of every subject — whether it’s the people, places or the objects that abound in every corner of the world.