Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Nature / Wildlife

Dream Symphony

  • Photographer
    Laurent Echenoz
  • Agency / Studio
    Laurent Echenoz Photography
  • Technical Info
    Canon Eos 7d Mark Ii Lens 300mm F2.8 1/160s Iso100
  • Photo Date

Balance of opposites, simplicity of the moment, let's play with the light to see all the softness, barely colored, of this naive and contemplative puffin. When black and white meet bright red, Asian symbolism enters an exploratory dimension: let's set off together on the path of introspection. This photograph emerges from an in-depth study of Atlantic puffins: it took ten years of work with specialists around the world to make this dream come true. (Work of art available from September 2022).

Laurent Echenoz was born on the banks of the Doubs and grew up in a peaceful village, near a Franche-Comté forest. Very early on, his permanent immersion in this unspoiled nature developed his sense of observing and listening to fauna and flora. Naturalist photographer and avangardist, Laurent first learned many photographic techniques from the best specialists. Then he created his style, playing with originality with light, framing and pause time. Each image comes to life after many hours of waiting for the moment. Laurent's photography sublimates Nature. It invites us to travel to the heart