Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Nature / Pets

Change Is Constant

  • Photographer
    Birgit Zimmermann
  • Photo Date

Iceland had been suffering from a drought, including several bushfires, delay of plant growth and constantly dry skin. But most peculiar to me was an eerie haze over the land. There were different speculations as to its origin, from sand storms to pollution from Europe to volcanic gases from the ongoing eruption, and they all strangely resembled my inner state of mind at that time. On a bright summer night, I ventured out, and this young horse posted himself in front of the otherworldly landscape as if he wanted to tell me: Change is the only constant here, so don't be afraid…

Birgit is a self-taught photographer based in Germany and Iceland. Her main focus are horses and how they can help us reestablish our long-lost connection to the natural world. With degrees in both Horse Management and Media Design as well as years of experience in each field, she decided to quit her job in the finance industry and give in to her calling as an artist in 2015. She prefers to work with her subjects in maximum possible freedom, leaving it up to the animals how they want to express themselves in a particular moment.