Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Landscape

A Few Meters From Eternity

  • Photographer
    Antoine Buttafoghi
  • Technical Info
    F/10. Iso 200. 1/60
  • Photo Date

Greenland is a land of contrasts, a land of extremes where the harshness of climate is perpetually conjugated with the sublime. His landscapes touch us, challenge us, and fascinate with their beauty and strength. Here, dizzying silence reigns supreme and reveals to us the fragility of the moment. This series of photographs was taken during an artist residency: "Artists in the Arctic" (A collaborative artistic creation in the heart of the Arctic), aboard a boat (Le Manguier) caught in the ices of the Far North, in Kaasarfik Bay, near the small town of Aasiaat in GREENLAND in April 2017.

I teach image (and techniques related to photography) as a trainer, consultant and professor at the university and in Parisian schools I was twice a finalist in the prestigious Hasselblad Master Competition (20012 and 2018). My photographs have been exhibited in Brazil, Japan, Hungary, UK, India, Italy and Russia. The Art trop Gallery represents me in France My photographic work revolves around solitudes.