Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Special Effects


  • Photographer
    Frank Fenqiang Liu

During breeding seasons in the Spring, great egrets build their nests on trees to prevent predators’ attack. Their high positions provide a great opportunity for me to photograph them with the moon in the background. On a clear night of a full moon, it was so bright that I could actually use the natural moonlight to capture this magical and dreamy moment.

During college, Fenqiang took an interest in photography. After finishing his BA degree in Chinese literature, he obtained his MFA in Cinema and Photography at Southern Illinois University. After graduation, Fenqiang worked as a computer animator and motion graphic designer. In recent years, Fenqiang has devoted his time to nature and wildlife photography and won multiple international photo awards. Fenqiang’s cultural influence from both the East and the West, his artistic background, and his photography mastery allow him to express his thoughts and emotions in a unique style.