Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Other

Amazon - The Green'S End

  • Photographer
    Betina Samaia
  • Agency / Studio
    Betina Samaia Fineart Photo
  • Technical Info
    Digital Photography, Infrared
  • Photo Date

At the start of the millennium, I began immersion periods in the woods. Amid the density of the vast forest, my eyes turned to the devastated fields, to the scattered islands, to the solitude of the trees. How lonely some trees in the Amazon are! With the infrared filter, I attempt to capture the shades of this reality, imperceptible to human eyes. A reality beyond the uniform intensity of green, manifesting in pinks, yellows and whites. Several shades of silence.

Betina Samaia (b. 1964) is a Brazilian photographer, with a degree in Psychology. Through her work, she is interested in exploring the unconscious. She has been influenced by Surrealism and Impressionist painters: subtle lines and contours, strong colors, images that go beyond what we see – combining reality and imagination. She’s the author of four photobooks and has had exhibits in the U.S., France and Brazil. She is represented by Arte 57 Gallery in São Paulo.