Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Editorial / Photo Essay

Abandoned America

  • Photographer
    Barbara and Maciej Noskowski
  • Agency / Studio
  • Technical Info
    1/160, F8, Iso100, Hasselblad L1d-20c Cropped Sensor (drone)and Canon Eos 5ds (full Frame)
  • Photo Date

We are still trying to find the America we all watched in cinemas and TV in Poland, growing up behind the Iron Curtain, during the reign of the communist regime and the Cold War. America as a symbol of freedom was very close to as on the TV or cinema screen but in fact as distant and unreal as an alien planet. Our current trips to the USA are in some sense a return to the childhood, the search for the traces of the old, classic America. The photos show abandoned gas station, broken down cars, forgotten restaurant and fast food bar, disassembled car production line photographed from above.