Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Editorial / Photo Essay

Family / 가족 Gajog / 家族 Kazoku

  • Photographer
    Yuuki Shibata

I was a Zainichi Korean (A permanent ethnic Korean resident of Japan). After I chose to be Japanese at my marriage, I wondered about my national identity. I decided to visit Korean Youth Association, where Japanese-born Koreans are concerned about their roots. I met an old lady, a second-generation Korean in Japan, grandmother of a young man, the association president. She talked to me about how hard she lived and worked to maintain her hostel, an ex-brothel from 60 years ago, a place where she devoted all her time and effort. She spoke plainly and even laughed about her stories.

Yuuki Shibata is a Japanese photographer and artist born and raised in Japan. In France in 2017, she participated in the UNESCO Biennale International Design in Saint-Etienne (France) where she began working on a project called “Identity”. She was invited to Moscow Design Museum in Moscow (Russia) in 2019 to work on “Identity” and to also join a solo exhibition at State Institute for Art Studies. This project was introduced in Tokyo Newspapers and has been awarded in the International Photography Awards 2019 and 2020. Her photography and art projects have exhibited in many countries.