Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Portrait

Children Metamorphosis

  • Photographer
    Gabriela Flores Córdova
  • Agency / Studio
    Gaby Flores Córdova
  • Technical Info
    Nikon Camera, 50mm
  • Photo Date

The change in life does not necessarily have to be in adulthood, in "Children metamorphosis", it is projected that the changes are also real, and the colors reinforce this transition in this case from childhood to adolescence.

Gabriela Flores Córdova (Campeche, Mexico, 1984) lover of nature and conceptual photography, but above all, of freezing a unique and unrepeatable moment. Photography has been my greatest passion, at first, it was only entertainment, therapy, today it is my way of life, because knowing that with a "click", I keep a moment for eternity, fills my soul.