Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Collage

Male/Female Relationships

  • Photographer
    Peter Hammer
  • Technical Info
    Composite Images
  • Photo Date

This series of images explores the relationships between men and women and unborn child (symbolised by the moon at times) from pregnancy, romance in the way a woman entices a man, friendship and isolation as in the times of covid. It also looks at the power imbalance in workplaces and how women can be looked on as trophies. I used store dummies rather than real people as the stories are impersonal. The titles are: Beneath the Red Moon, Down the Garden Path, Divided by Space and Time, Friends, I Love You to the Moon and Back, The Appraisal, The Interview, Trophies.

I live in Melbourne, the capital city of the state of Victoria in Australia - the land down under. I used to work in IT and electronic engineering but I now play around fulltime with photography and travel. My main areas of interest are in landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and street photography. I occasionally dabble in other areas when the opportunity arises. My other interest is in creative or fine art photography.