Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Special Effects

Erato - Longing For Love

  • Photographer
    Bernd Schirmer
  • Technical Info
    Nikon Z7, Iso 100, F 11, 1/160, Nikkor Z-mount 35mm 1.8
  • Photo Date

In Greek mythology, Erato is one of the Greek Muses. The name would mean "desired" or "lovely", if derived from the same root as Eros, as Apollonius of Rhodes playfully suggested in the invocation to Erato that begins Book III of his Argonautica. Erato is the Muse of love poetry. In the Orphic hymn to the Muses, it is Erato who charms the sight. Since the Renaissance she has mostly been shown with a wreath of myrtle and roses, holding a lyre, or a small kithara, a musical instrument often associated with Apollo.

I'm a hobby photographer which is addicted to art and culture. I started photography and image editing in 2018.