Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Collage

Fractura [Surreal Times]

  • Photographer
    Nicole Gadiel
  • Agency / Studio
    Nicole Gadiel / Art
  • Technical Info
    Iphone 7 Plus Back Dual Camera 3.99mm F/1.8 - Edited In Affinity Photo
  • Photo Date

Being more or less housebound during the pandemic, I missed the inspiring, impromptu photo shoots that would pop up when I was out and about, so I revisited earlier shots to fill my inspirational void; I deconstructed existing photos and put them back together in a way that created images with a fractured perspective - with the intent of illustrating the surreality that Covid19 has forced upon the world. This image is based on a holiday portrait taken in 2017 and has been digitally altered in the winter of 2021.

Nicole Gadiel is a visual artist working within the fields of photography and painting; creating fine art and designing interior decor artwork for private and commercial clients around the globe. Born and raised in Canada, Nicole moved to Denmark as a teenager. This inspired her to view the world from new perspectives and different angles; an ability she successfully implemented throughout her career in strategic communications and now applies to the creation of artwork as she visually translates the obvious to the emotive.