Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Book / Fine Art

Mutant Vehicles

  • Photographer
    Alexandra Lier
  • Agency / Studio
    Alexandra Lier
  • Technical Info
    Nikon 850
  • Photo Date

On a searing dry lakebed in Nevada, a temporary metropolis dedicated to art, community, and self-reliance rises from the dust every August. This netherworld known as Burning Man is the world’s largest outdoor art event featuring glittering, mind blowing art in nearly every discipline and scale. Rolling in and amongst the art are even stranger apparitions known as Mutant Vehicles. This book is your ticket to ride along with the Mutants through stunning photography, film, sound, and virtual reality. Hop in and settle down for a surreal ride across the Black Rock Desert.

Alexandra Lier is a German artist, best known for her photography. Lier's photographs are dramatic and cinematic. Her work is based on long-term observation, while people are the center: Strong women, characters with passion, underground communities, especially in the field of car culture and other vehicles. Alexandra received her art, film and photography degree at the Frankfurt Academy of Visual Arts.