Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Abstract

Reflecting On Time

  • Photographer
    Dotan Saguy
  • Technical Info
    Window Reflections Captured In-camera Without Manipulations
  • Photo Date
    Summer 2021

In 1870, Bodie had a population comparable to that of Los Angeles of that time. Gold drew people to this lawless mining camp, despite a dangerous lifestyle. A few decades later, opportunities evaporated, and its denizens abandoned the site, their belongings, and their dreams. 100 years later, the now "ghost town" of Bodie was reborn as a Historic State Park, preserved in a state of “arrested decay”. Reflecting on Time uses window reflections captured in-camera from Bodie’s frail surviving buildings as a metaphor for reflecting on the paradox of impermanence frozen in time.