Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Landscape


  • Photographer
    Tara Cronin
  • Technical Info
    Digital Prints With Artists Markings
  • Photo Date

"Lolohe" …a listener to the rain.. Wind is known to produce gentle yet monumental structures, surrounding the geography on our one planet. The monuments left behind become more mysterious with each experiencing. This project speaks to the hidden and the esoteric. These shattered pieces of truth are transmitted across generations giving visual and tactile skills of “listening” with the senses. Today we put much emphasis on speaking outwardly, getting our voices heard, consuming screens and inundations of information.

Tara Cronin is an artist working in various mediums focusing on alternative photographic methods, works on paper, installation and book-arts. She has pursued an art career that has both helped her solve problems in her own internal space as well as in the space she finds herself situated externally. Tara received a BA in Writing from New School University, and an MFA in Photography from Bard College and the ICP-Bard Program, and has Twice-earned the ICP Director’s Fellowship Award. During her graduate and post-graduate work, Tara explored this interface between the material and the individual