Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Architecture / Interiors

The Protoform of The “Nagaya”

  • Photographer
    Chihiro Tanaka
  • Technical Info
    In The Medium Format Film

Back of alley in Kyoto city, there is many small town house exist in which we call the ”Nagaya” made in traditional wood structured house. I had an opportunity to take a picture of the “Nagaya” which was stripped (taken off all the walls and ceilings, etc.) for ready to be remodel. This “Nagaya”’s structure is very thin, features of doors and stairs are also made simple as a house. Once I saw this house, I felt a strong presence, from this wood structure, from this wall (put mud on bamboo lied in a grid by straw rope), to provide space to many families as a “Home”.