Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 People / Self-Portrait


  • Photographer
    Antonio Salaverry

Intrinsic is a self portrait project that explores my fears during isolation and confinement times. It is a plunge into deep emotions, catalyzed by the pandemic. The objective reality perishes and gives rise to internal conflicts that take the protagonism. The discourse is created and perceived simultaneously, as in a therapy that creates a link between the inner and outer. There is no commitment in portraying a tangible or visible reality, but the one that have always lived inside of me.

Antonio Salaverry (1986) is a Brazilian photographer and visual artist born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and currently residing in São Paulo. He transits through different photographic styles, but has particular interest in digital experimentation. His most striking investigation lives in the artistic process that aims to denote a reality different than the usual, whether in the manipulation of nature, cities and architecture or in dialogues with the unconscious.